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And you thought your school was bad.

Welcome to the Skool of Fine Morons. A school so terrible, we wouldn't wish for our worst enemies to be enrolled here, whether they be student or staff.

Filled to the brim with pre-flanderized morons for your... "amusement" (for lack of a better word).

If you do decide to come for a visit, then we have just one warning: if you see any buckets of chicken lying around, then DO NOT TAKE ANY. The last thing you'd want is to alert the Morons to your presence.

By default, they won't be aware of you. For your safety, you may want to keep it that way.

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Don't ever try to show him where the bathroom is. He'll simply forget, then end up causing water damage somewhere.

Has a habit of ending every sentence with "ah".


Mr. Money

Meet the Faculty

He's always angry. It's not entirely clear why, though it seems his main trigger is lateness... even though he is never punctual himself.

His temper can usually be satiated with stolen chicken.

Is often seen with Mr. Money, as they go home together every night.

Mr. King


The principal.


If he's not at his desk trying to blame the management for absolutely anything that goes wrong, then you'll find him either stuffing his face, or trying to steal someone's cash.

Approach with caution.

Mr. Corn


If you ever find yourself trapped in a room with Mr. Ice, then try to find an escape route as soon as possible.

He will either bore you with a long, slow lecture about nothing, or drop something so he can stare at you while you pick it up.

Probably the most dangerous of all.

Mr. Ice


Put your hands up.

Mr. Shetheed


Rather loud, and obsessed with trying to smell as bad as possible.

Often seen walking behind Mr. Ice.

Mr. Pickle

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