Boro Chronicles Part 2 Chapter 1

Duober 9th, 2010 AR

ERA Cottage, Mt. Amiro


Rono was at his desk going over some notes. Seruto was sitting in front of him, while Techniker was downstairs in the den working on some weapon systems.


“We must go over this again,” said Rono. “I have full plans of the building now.”


Rono turned a page. There were layouts for all 6 floors of the two Apiki Pharmaceuticals buildings.


“How did you get these?” said Seruto, raising an eyebrow.


“I have recruited an employee of Apiki.”


Rono opened the page to the basement layout.


“The main security room is here. There is a conduit running from here, under the road… ”


Rono moved his finger across the page.

“... and up to this electrical substation on the surface. Do you have any ideas for solving this problem?”

Seruto thought for a moment.


“Maybe we could make a remote-controlled device that can go down the conduit and scramble their security feed, and anything else that could impede us.”


“That is a good plan,” said Rono. He then turned to the page that showed the top floor, and pointed out one of the rooms.


“This was Apiki’s office. The employee tells me the Red Orb is here, but the room is now locked.”


“So we’ll need a way to open it.”


“Yes. Techniker will work with the employee to figure this out.”


“Someone said my name?” said Techniker, walking in.


“No one said your name,” said Seruto, chuckling.


“Yeah they did, I heard ‘Techniker’.”


“But that’s not your name, right? Your name is--”


“FOCUS, PLEASE,” shouted Rono, startling both Seruto and Techniker. “Have you finished the weapons?”


“Yeah, Red, I have ‘em here.”


“Do not call me that.”




Techniker placed upon Rono’s desk a pair of stun-guns that looked like shaving razors.


“Fully operational tasers. They’re strong enough to knock someone out, but weak enough to do it painlessly.”


Rono and Seruto picked up one each and examined them.


“And power?” asked Rono.


“Solar-powered, with a battery that will last one full day.”




Rono switched on the device. The head made an electrical crackling sound.


“Techniker, do you remember Daisuke’s mask and glove set?” asked Rono.


“You want me to make those?” said Techniker, nodding.


“Can you please? They will be useful on our mission.”


“I can, but we need material.”


“Fine, then I will call Demi Meha,” said Rono, putting his razor-taser away.


“That’s fine Rono,” said Seruto. “But I hope you know that this year is an election year. Ibari Meha will no longer be a Kupenko member come December.”


Rono was taken aback.


“You mean presidents do not rule for life n-... here?”


“No, of course not. Why would you think that?”


Rono stroked his beard.


“They do where I come from.”


Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. Seruto and Techniker became wary.


“You didn’t invite anyone else up here, did you?” asked Seruto.


“No I did not,” said Rono, equally wary.


Seruto went downstairs to the front door.


“Who is this?”


“Nobo Uka. Hurry up, ah? This cold will spoil my leather jacket.”


Seruto opened the door. Sure enough, it was Nobo, the round-faced former receptionist at Denanta. He immediately ran inside and rubbed his hands together.


“Aaaaah. Heat.”


Seruto shut the door. He noticed Nobo wasn’t reeking of beer anymore.


“How did you find us?”


“Ibari Meha.”


Techniker and Rono walked in. Techniker appeared surprised.




“What is he doing here?”, said Rono, frowning.


“I really need a job,” said Nobo. “Demi Meha pointed me to you.”


“Good,” said Rono, crossing his arms. “We need someone to clean the toilet.”


Techniker glared at him. Seruto put his hand on Nobo’s shoulder, which caused Rono to wince in revulsion.


“Look man,” said Seruto. “We’re about to do something extremely dangerous. I want you to be absolutely sure that you can handle it.”


“I can. Please, give me a chance to--”


“NO,” interjected Rono. “We cannot accept this... ‘man’. He is below us.”


Techniker rolled her eyes. Seruto frowned at Rono.


“Look, we need all the help we can get.”


“But what if he is intoxicated again? Did you forget how smelly he was?”


“Rono…” said Nobo.


Seno Kenuk, to you.”


“Fine, Seno Kenuk… I’ve been going for Addiction Treatment. I haven’t had any alcohol since Denanta collapsed.”


“Oh, nice!” said Seruto. “See that, Rono? He could be useful. We need the extra pair of hands.”


Rono made a grunting sound.


“Humf. Fine. But he must not touch me.”


Rono glared at Nobo before storming back upstairs to his office, shutting the office room door behind him.


“What is his problem with me?” said Nobo.


“No idea,” said Seruto. “But remember, he’s not from here.”


“Yes, I know. Where’s he from?”


“I don’t know. Masrek, maybe?”


Mura-land, for all I care,” said Techniker. “Seruto, did you… “


She glanced up at Rono’s office door, then dropped her voice to a whisper.


“... come up with a plan to get the Red Orb away from him yet?”


“I’m working on it. I think I’ll have better ideas once we finalize the escape route.”




Techniker beckoned Nobo to her makeshift workshop in the den.


“Since you’re with us now, we’ll need to outfit you with gear. And Seruto… ”


Techniker turned around.


“... Figure something out fast. I’m really starting to hate that guy.”


“Yeah, I know.”


Seruto furled his eyebrows and scratched his head. How are they supposed to get the Orb from him?

Dol Hudas, Hinga City


The summer heat beat down on Jordan’s neck as he walked back home from school. Even though vacation was over, the weather didn’t seem to get the message yet.


Disregarding the weather, however, 10th grade seemed to be off to a great start.


He turned onto Keni Street where his apartment building was. Before heading upstairs to his family’s apartment, he checked the mailbox. Among the bills, and his father’s subscription to Circuits Monthly, was a letter addressed to him.


Jordan Belhi

948 Keni St, Apt. 3

Hinga City, PT

MH4 087


The envelope looked rather fancy too, with a golden trim around the edges. In the corner, embossed in gold lettering, was the logo for ‘Great Apiki Adventure’: one of the great amusement parks of the world, which is located just an hour’s drive from here.


Jordan headed up to his apartment and unlocked the door. Both of his parents were at work. He 

went to his room, and peeled the envelope open. The contents of the enclosed letter took his breath away.


Dear Seniko Belhi,


We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected for an all-expenses-paid visit to Great Apiki Adventure!


On Duober 12th, 2010, at noon, come to Sohul Station. A bus will arrive to take you to the park. Enclosed with this letter is your ticket, which must be shown to the bus conductor. Remember: your ticket is valid for one day only.


We hope to see you there!



Apiki Meria

Chairwoman, Apiki Amusements


Jordan couldn’t believe it. He knew about the free amusement park tickets, but never imagined that he could be selected for one. He checked a map, and then a calendar. The bus would pick him up in three days.


He couldn’t wait.